River Ehen – Flood resilience gravel removal

This environmental protection project helped reduce the risk of flooding by removing gravel build-up from within the centre of the river channel.

During project planning our environmental survey revealed that the river deposits were contaminated with Himalayan Balsam. Preventing the spread of this invasive species was therefore the key risk on the project. To ensure that the works did not contribute to further spreading we worked closely with the Environment Agency to fully survey and understand its presence. We were then able to develop a solution that included carefully considered access routes, working methodologies and disposal so that we were able to eliminate any risk of cross contamination.

The site was located near residential areas and adjacent an historic bridge on the main road to Egremont. As part of our stakeholder management plan we conducted community engagement activities including letter drops and personal liaison with all potentially affected third parties. Our sensitive approach ensure that all stakeholders understood and were bought into the project and we delivered the entire scheme with a minimum of disruption to the community.